BC Regional Science Fair Awards

In 1999, the Club Representatives voted to participate in the B.C. Provincial Science Fair program. The amount allocated is established by the Board as part of the annual budget. This award is administered by the BC Nature Education Committee.

BC Nature *provides $2,100 annually to the Science Fair Foundation of British Columbia for distribution of awards of the following amounts in each of the 14 regions:

  • $75 Cash Award to a Junior (Grades 6 through 8) student per region.
  • $75 Cash Award to a Senior (Grades 9 through 12) student per region.

To be awarded at each British Columbia Regional Science Fair to the best natural history project done by a student(s) in Grades 6 to 8 (Junior award) and Grades 9 to 12 (Senior award). This includes studies of any aspect of natural history, conservation of natural habitats, and/or natural species. An outdoor, nature monitoring, or conservation project is strongly encouraged.

Member naturalists are encouraged to participate in this program as mentors, resource people, and judges. Junior members can participate through their school programs.

*Due to Covid-19 restrictions, science fairs are conducted virtually (2020, 2021) and the BC Nature award was reduced for 2022 to $2000 due to less regions involved. This amount may change in 2023.

What is an outdoor, nature monitoring or conservation project?

You can monitor plants, turtles, frogs, bees, birds, bats and species at risk or participate in an aspect of

  • streamkeeping
  • shorekeeping
  • wetlands monitoring
  • participate and monitor an invasive plant removal and/or native planting project

Teachers may not have time to support individual students and their outdoor project but parents may be able to help and you may wish to request assistance from your local Naturalists Club, science faculty of your local college or local environmental agency or business.

You can make further inquiries at your local Naturalists’ Club; or BC Nature Education Chair Marg Cuthbert: Email. The Science Fair Foundation manages an Alumni Mentorship Program for those who request mentors, contact Madeleine Guenette, Director of Operations, Science Fair Foundation BC, tel: 604.602.5219: Email.

Science Fairs Report 2021, submitted by Marg Cuthbert

The Science Fair Foundation (SFF) has reported back to us and have expressed their appreciation for the BC Nature contribution to student regional awards. While the fairs were virtual and very different again this year due to the covid restrictions, staff heard many times over that the students were thrilled to have the opportunity to present their projects. At this time SFF staff are still waiting for some data to come in for this year, but at this time, which included 7 of the 13 regions, they had 280 students participate; nearly 70% of those students had never attended a regional fair before. It has been reported that the students, teachers and volunteers all did a marvelous job pivoting to an online format and they think there are opportunities here for the future.

Below a list of BC Nature Award winners by region. Where available, there is a link for members to see the student project. As previously mentioned, they are still waiting for the reports to come in from some of regions, which is why this list isn’t quite complete. Unfortunately, because the fairs were all virtual this year, they do not have any photos to go along with the projects.  Congratulations to all of the innovative students.

Student name: Eboni Samaha, grade 8
Project: Medicinal Benefits of Aboriginal Plants     Region: Cariboo Mainline

Student name: Jemma Blattner, grade 9
Project: Round Up Those Worms                               Region: Central Interior

Student name: Giann Hoonjan, grade 7
Project: Light Pollution in Kelowna                           Region: Central Okanagan

Student name: Isabella Hendricks, grade 7
Project: Capturing Carbon                                           Region: Central Okanagan

Student name: Tessa Rebele, grade 7
Project: Guess What Oysters Are Eating?                Region: Fraser Valley

Student name: Jonathan Leung, grade 8
Project:  A Comparison of 2 Health Assessment Methods for Prunus cerasifera ‘Atropurpurea’                                                              Region: Greater Vancouver
Project Link

Student name: Natasha Poon & Amy Tang, grade 10
Project: Is Your Sunscreen Killing Coral Reefs?     Region: Greater Vancouver
Project Link

Student name: Claire Logeman, grade 6
Project: Hive Hunters                                                  Region: Northern BC
Project Link

Student name: Julia Hingley, grade 7
Project: Which Bird Feed?                                          Region: Northern BC
Project Link

Student name: Iza Coupe, grade 4
Project: Garden In A Jar                                             Region: Pacific Northwest

Student name: Lucia Gastiazoro & Sacha Fleury-Allen, grade 7
Project: The Spread of the Invasive Yellow Floating Heart: The root of the problem *                                                                                             Region: Pacific Northwest
* This project also advanced to the Canada-Wide Science Fair

Student name: Haris Cheema & Hasan Jaan, junior grade
Project: Dam… Those keystones don’t shine. An Innovative Solution
                                                                                          Region: South Fraser

Student name: Jai Bhatia, senior grade
Project: Lakebook: A Novel Application to Protect and Conserve Water Bodies With a Tap of a Finger                                                               Region: South Fraser

Student name: Margaret Krawciw, grade 1 
Project: Meddling Microplastics: A Study of the Interactions Between Microalgae and Microplastics                                                          Region: Vancouver Island

Student name: Luc Austin, grade 6
Project: Carbon Capture                                              Region: West Kootenay

Student name: Jackson Phypers, grade 10
Project: Hydroponics vs. Window Gardening         Region: West Kootenay