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Stop Roberts Bank Terminal 2

The Fraser River supports communities and wildlife all through British Columbia. But its estuary, in Delta BC, is in trouble and may well be on the brink of ecological collapse. The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 (RBT2) Project may be the tipping point. RBT2 and the cumulative impact of other projects planned for the Lower Fraser are pushing the estuary into environmental decline.


Wildlife & Habitat

BC Nature gave input to a draft report: Together for Wildlife, a Pathway Forward for Wildlife and Habitat in British Columbia. We requested a clear political commitment to urgent and meaningful action to ensure that the proposed “Pathway” is effective in maintaining and enhancing biodiversity. The government needs to commit to actions that address the deep and profound impacts that our past and current economic practices are having on wildlife and their habitats and local communities.


The Climate Emergency & BC Nature’s Climate Action

Our purpose as naturalists includes taking action to conserve what we love. As our BC Nature mission states, we aim to keep nature worth knowing!  And that includes taking climate action to hold greenhouse gas emissions to levels that will keep global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius so that nature will stay strong.  To that end, we need you. Our Climate Action Subcommittee is aimed at making a difference at all levels of government and society. If you are passionate about taking positive action to solve the climate emergency, click “SIGN ME UP!” and a member will contact you shortly.


BC Naturalists' Foundation

BC Naturalists’ Foundation

The purpose of the BC Naturalists’ Foundation is to promote the preservation of the natural environment for future generations through conservation, education and research projects. The BC Naturalists’ Foundation is a registered charity formed in 1990 by members of the Federation of BC Naturalists, now known as BC Nature. The Foundation is autonomous from BC Nature but is inextricably linked to it by shared goals and by the power of the BC Nature to appoint members and nominate directors.

The Foundation aims to build a strong capital base, the future income of which provides an increasing source of funds for grants to the conservation and education projects of BC Nature and local naturalist clubs. Since it was founded, the BC Naturalists’ Foundation has provided over $230,000 in grants to BC Nature Clubs and it’s members.