Become a Naturalist Mentor

Naturalist Mentors

Be a Naturalist Mentor and encourage connections to nature so others can learn, understand, respect and enjoy nature!

As nature lovers, naturalists, scientists, community leaders, Indigenous elders and student researchers, we have knowledge to share and to inspire others to appreciate and care for the natural world.

Naturalist Mentors are in awe about the diversity and complexity of nature and the earth and are enthusiastic to share their knowledge with others of all ages.

The Naturalist Mentor program encourages members of our communities to be involved in sharing their knowledge and recognizes and acknowledges those who do.

We encourage BC Nature Clubs to nominate a mentoring leader in their club and/or community to be acknowledged for their volunteer work sharing nature and traditional knowledge with others of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

A Naturalist Mentor shares their knowledge and skills in many different ways, through field trip discovery, talks at community events and classrooms, as advisors to community leaders, teachers and students.

A Naturalist Mentor while sharing their knowledge and skills, lead others to understand, respect and care for nature.

To nominate a mentor today, contact Margaret Cuthbert to submit:

  1. a colour ‘portrait style’ photo preferably of naturalist in the field, 300 dpi or larger in jpeg format with photo credit and permission to use.
  2. a paragraph or two of 100 -300 words describing the naturalist’s contributions in mentoring and any special activities they do.

BC Nature Naturalist Mentors