Job and Volunteer Opportunities with BC Nature

Join the BC Nature team in “Know Nature and Keep it Worth Knowing”. 


Volunteer positions in any organization can be very rewarding.  Volunteering helps shape the future of the organization and the donation of your valuable resource of  “time” is very much appreciated!  No previous experience required to volunteer for  the Board or Committee positions, just a willingness to help Nature through administration.

BC Nature has been a voice for Nature for more than 50 years.  Now more than ever, Nature needs your help.  Please consider volunteering with the BC Nature Board or Committees.

Vice President
This is a volunteer position on the BC Nature Board.


  1. Assists the President in his/her responsibilities and fills in when the President is not present.
  2. Chairs the Human Resources Committee and, at the discretion of the Board, other committees.
  3. Assists with the preparation of the agendas for meetings.


Please send your expression of interest and any questions you may have to:

The Human Resources Committee’s primary mandate is to develop and update Human Resources policies and procedures, job descriptions, guidelines and standardized evaluation processes for all staff, Board members, representatives and volunteers who are serving BCN. Major responsibilities include:

  • Creating and updating as necessary job descriptions for all Board members, to be approved by the Board;
  • Creating and updating as necessary a standard job description format;
  • Creating, updating as necessary, and approving job descriptions for all staff;
  • Reviewing and assessing staffing needs and recommend staffing levels and positions;
  • Reviewing employee remuneration annually and recommending remuneration levels;
  • Participating in job interviews and in the hiring panel, and ensuring that due process is followed;
  • Creating and updating as necessary standard job evaluation appraisals;
  • Drafting and updating guidelines for the appointment, treatment, and supervision of volunteers working for BC Nature;
  • Ensuring that all staff, board members and volunteers are aware of disciplinary and harassment guidelines;
  • Referring to the BC Nature Disciplinary Committee any grievances from staff or volunteers and any disciplinary issues that arise with staff or volunteers;
  • Referring to the BC Nature Harassment Officer any evidence of harassment involving staff or volunteers and inform the President and Board of these issues.

The Camp Committee is looking to recruit both a chair and members to organize and plan BC Nature Camps.  Do you enjoy being an organizer?  Then this is the volunteer position for you!

BC Nature camps are highly anticipated and enjoyed by BC Nature members, they provide fun,  informative and educational nature outings. They also provide an opportunity for camaraderie through the social aspect of the our multi-day/night camps.

The camps can also lead to increased involvement by members and generally raise funds for our education and conservation activities.  The financial gains from being a host club can be lucrative for both BC Nature and the host club.