BC Nature Resolutions

Part of BC Nature’s mission is to conserve nature. Naturalist and nature clubs often identify conservation problems that need to be addressed. When BC Nature and the community of naturalists come together to discuss and pass resolutions about degradation of our environment, local concerns take on prominence.

BC Nature members are skilled at identifying problems and suggesting feasible solutions. Get involved if you have a concern, work up a resolution and present it to a general meeting. Here’s how.

Process for preparing a resolution

  • Download examples of previous resolutions from this LINK
  • Research the list of PAST resolutions to see if the issue has already been presented.
  • Determine if a further resolution is required.

Resolutions consist of several parts:

  1. an explanation of the problem
  2. why the problem needs to be addressed
  3. a possible solution
  4. identification of the decision-makers who will receive the resolution

Download Guidelines for Resolution Submission: LINK

Process for approval of a resolution:

  • Submit your resolution to the BC Nature Office Manager. Deadline for submissions is February 28, 2025
  • The Resolutions Committee ensures the accuracy of the resolution and may strengthen or clarify the wording.
  • BC Nature circulates material to members prior to the AGM.
  • At a general meeting you move your motion and present the resolution for discussion. You may answer questions. Members then vote on it. They may accept it or may refer it back for further work.

What happens to a Resolution which passes?

  • The Office Manager and President prepare a covering letter to distribute the resolution.
  • The resolution and replies are posted on the BC Nature website.
  • BC Nature may organize a community campaign or working group in support the initiative.


BC Nature has a history of positive replies to the concerns.

Resolutions for the following years are available for viewing:

2006-2024 Resolutions

1995-2005 Resolutions

1989-1994 Resolutions

For further information, please email: Resolutions Chair