Northern Amphibians Naturalists Society

Club interests:  The Society’s primary focus is increasing knowledge regarding northern amphibians and reptiles through monitoring programs, sightings, and public education. We operate the NWBC Reptile and Amphibian Monitoring Program (NWBC RAMP), and participate in public processes regarding amphibian and garter snake habitats and ecology.

With membership from Dease Lake to Fort Fraser, along Highway 16, and out to the coast at Prince Rupert, Kitsault, and Kitimat, we also participate in other programs requiring a network of volunteers in NWBS, for example, members collect invertebrates and samples for the Royal BC Museum, and assist in other northern research, such as bat studies.

Meetings:  NANS has a dispersed membership over the expanse of  NWBC. We meet annually in the fall for our AGM. In addition, the coordinator for NWBC RAMP visits each of the volunteers during the field season. Our membership stays in touch with each other through e-mail circulation of information and concerns.

Location: Our AGM is held in a central community in NWBC.  Regional meetings will vary as to location.

Membership fee:  :  $35

Number of members: 30 – 40 members with 40 plus individuals, families, or groups monitoring 82 locations for NWBC RAMP.

Newsletter: Newsletters are sent out to the membership.