Conservation Reports

BC Nature’s conservation mandate is reflected in our motto: “Knowing Nature and Keep It Worth Knowing”. In our role as a “Voice for Nature in BC”, we represent the interests of the BC Nature membership by influencing policy that affects nature. We focus on issues which require the preservation and enhancement of a healthy, optimally functioning environment. We pursue our goals by supporting conservation action of member clubs, influencing politicians and other policy decision makers, presenting our point of view at meetings about various environmental issues and projects, responding to governmental stakeholder requests, and lending our support to campaigns of like-minded organizations.

With the approval of the BC Nature Board of Directors, and the help of the Education and Communications Committees, we take a strong role in educating naturalists and the public about BC’s biodiversity, the need to conserve it, and the science behind it.

BC Nature Conservation Committee Priorities are:

  • Marine ecosystems
  • Estuaries and migratory routes
  • Climate change
  • Landscape integrity
  • Pesticides
  • Species at Risk
  • Wetlands and fresh waters
  • Wildlife management
  • Preserving Biodiversity

The Conservation Committee wishes to increase its capacity and impact by enlisting members, especially small groups of members, to champion specific issues of concern in areas such as preservation of old-growth forests, the health of the Salish Sea, fracking and climate change, toxins in the environment, species at risk, parks and protected areas. As a volunteer you will research an issue and draft letters, mostly to government, and arrange and attend meetings with individuals and organizations that can affect policies of concern to naturalists. So welcome aboard! » Contact BC Nature