The Climate Emergency and
BC Nature’s Climate Action

We have the solutions!
We don’t have much time!

Our purpose as naturalists includes taking actions to conserve what we love. As our BC Nature mission states, we aim to keep nature worth knowing!  And that includes taking climate actions to hold greenhouse gas emissions to levels that will keep global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius so that nature will stay strong.  To that end, we need you.  Our Climate Action Subcommittee is aimed at making a difference at all levels of government and society.  If you are passionate about taking positive action to solve the climate emergency, click “SIGN ME UP!” on this webpage and a member will contact you shortly.  Areas we are recruiting for include but are not limited to:


  • Climate science expertise
  • Government climate action plan expertise
  • Influencing government skills
  • Educating citizens about individual and collective climate actions they can take
  • Website updating
  • Community building
  • Communications and social media expertise

Current initiatives we are involved in:

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Did you know?

All BC Nature members are also member of Suzuki’s Future Ground Network. You can access many resources from this Network for any climate actions your local club may be taking.  Examples include free webinars, organizing toolkits and digital tools like Zoom account access and creating online petitions.  Check out their website at: