Take action for birds

Birds in British Columbia face grave threats today due to habitat loss, climate change, and pesticides. In fact, one in three bird species requires urgent attention. But with your support,
we can save the birds so essential to our biosphere.

Some of the most important places for birds in the world are found in our province, and we have a unique responsibility to preserve those sites. For example, there are more than a third of the world’s Cassin’s Auklets on one tiny island, and millions of birds use the Fraser River Estuary each year as a migratory stopover.

These sites and many others in B.C. are recognized internationally as IBAs (Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas). By monitoring and protecting these special sites, we can better target conservation efforts. In Canada alone, there are almost 600 IBAs that
provide habitat for threatened birds and large flocks of birds.
Since almost all of Canada’s birds migrate beyond our borders at some point in their lives, the real strength of the program is its
international reach. Migratory birds depend on these important sites to rest, feed, and breed.