Club Name: The Hamilton Wetlands and Forest Preservation Society

Club/Organization interests:
We exist for the following purposes: “To conserve, protect, enhance, and maintain the ecological integrity of the 360 hectares of lands that comprises the Hamilton Wetlands and Forest; To raise awareness and educate the public on an ongoing basis through providing a centralized platform for communication and participation about the essential values that wetlands and forests provide for wildlife and climate change mitigation.”

OUR VISION: To conserve, protect and maintain the ecological integrity of the 360 hectares that comprise the Hamilton Wetlands and Forest.

OUR MISSION: To integrate conservation and education for a sustainable future for the 360 hectares.  The Society’s goal is to ensure that the ecological integrity of the lands is maintained in perpetuity, and to ensure a sustainable future for all species and humans that depend on the land and the ecosystem services it provides.

OUR MANDATE: To work towards fulfilling objectives that support:

    • Conservation of biodiversity
    • Research and education opportunities
    • Social well being and connection to nature Engagement 
    • Partnerships with First Nations

Number of members: We are a board driven Society.  Currently we have seven directors

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