BC Nature AGM 2022 – May 28, 2022

Notice of Meeting – AGM 2022 BC Nature

BC Nature AGM – May 28, 2022 at 1:30 PM
University of BC – Kelowna Campus

Chair: Interim President Alan Burger; Minutes: Susan Thorne

For those members wishing to participate via Zoom – please email info@bcnature.ca for your zoom code. Staff will be manning the Zoom account for member sign in to the meeting and will make your questions, input and votes known to the secretary. An email will be sent to you with the Zoom protocol, sign in and security access information.  Link to 2022 Annual Report

  1. Welcome
  2. Adoption of Agenda
  3. Approval of minutes from the Virtual Annual General Meeting on May 26, 2021 Link to Minutes
  4. Interim President’s Report – Alan Burger (Report in the Annual Report 
  5. Treasurer’s Report – Barbara Towns (Annual Report – page 4, 2021 financial statements in the Annual Report page 62 or separate pdf link )
    Motion: Approve the unaudited Dec 31, 2021 review engagement financial statements.
    Motion: Appoint the chartered professional accounting firm of Reid Hurst Nagy Inc. to conduct the review engagement for the 2022 fiscal year end
  6. Bylaw changes (refer to the changes approved by the Board in the Annual Report – page 59 or in this link)
    Special Resolution Motion: To approve the changes to the BC Nature bylaws
    Staff and contractor reports:
  7. BC Nature Executive Director – Stewart Guy – Verbal
  8. Office Report – Office Manager Betty Davison (Report in the Annual Report)
  9. Conservation Coordinator – Simon Valdez-Juarez – Verbal Report
  10. IBA Coordinator – Liam Ragan (Report in the Annual Report)
  11. Fundraising and Development – Andrea Simpson (Report in the Annual Report)
    Reports from committees:
  12. Nominations Committee – Alan Burger
    a) Results of Election of Directors
    b) Opportunity for Recruitment of board members
    c) New coordinator chairs needed for committees: Finance, Camps
    d) New Harassment Officer needed
  13. Education Committee – Chair: Margaret Cuthbert (Report in the Annual Report)
    a) Presentation of certificates to Naturalist Mentors
  14. Conservation Committee – Chair: Peter Ballin (Report in the Annual Report)
  15. Camps Committee –Camps were cancelled in 2021 due to COVID-19
  16. Awards Committee – Marg Cuthbert
    a) 2022 Award Winners (Report in the Annual Report)
  17. Governance Committee – Alan Burger Verbal (Report in the Annual Report)
  18. BC Nature Climate Action Committee – Cheryl Lewis (Report in the Annual Report)
  19. Scholarship Committee – Margaret Cuthbert (Report in the Annual Report)
  20. Wildlife Sub-committee – Ben van Drimmelen (Report in the Annual Report)
    Reports from affiliates
  21. BC Naturalists’ Foundation – Report from Stephen Partington. (Report in the Annual Report)
  22. NatureKids BC – Rebecca Clapperton Law (Report in the Annual Report)
  23. Outdoor Recreation Council – Louise Pedersen – to be read out at the AGM.
  24. Annual Reports from Clubs (Reports in the Annual Report)
    Motion: To approve all reports as submitted in the Annual Report
  25. Resolutions – Chair of the Resolutions Committee: Rick Gee – page 59 in Annual Report or link
    Special Resolution 2022-01: Indigenous Territory Acknowledgement
  26. General review: At this time, members to raise issues and items for discussion and action.
  27. Announcements: AGM 2023 – Langley
  28. Adjournment